Applications There are various applications in the app

Diner App covers the the necessary overview of activities and companies in and around the restaurant. But not only that. In this era of smartphones direct communication with your target audience is profitable and effective.


Via the intern reservation system you can let customers on the restaurant reserve an item in real time. Examples of items: a bicycle, a tennis court etc… Possibilities of the reservation system:
- You can easily install the time and date periods the specific item can be booked
- You can offer items with various prices at different time and date periods
- On any given moment you can take out an item and of course make it available again
- You can easily configurate and make filling in personal data like last name, gender, phone number and/or a e-mail address required

Communication with target audience

At a restaurant various activities and events are organized. Via a group notification will the restaurant administrator be able to send information and reminders about an event to all customers. Diner App works with an intelligent module that notices how long ago someone has been online and this makes it possible to contact only the target audience who have been online in the last week, the last two weeks or a month ago. You can also use this system for advertising services like giving away discounts at a restaurant or a happy hour at a local bar. With this service you will see companies around your restaurant wanting to invest and advertise in your app so the app will be for free or even lets you gain money.

Push notifications

Wanneer uw gasten de app hebben geïnstalleerd kunt u via een pushbericht uw klanten informeren over bijvoorbeeld acties, een live bandje, korting bij daluren, of informeren over het spaartegoed. Hierdoor creëert u interesse en herinnert u de klant hoe gezellig of hoe interessant het is om uw restaurant te bezoeken. Om uw tijd effectief te gebruiken kunt u standaard berichtjes periodiek laten versturen zodat u a) er geen omkijken naar heeft en b) uw reclame het werk blijft doen. Ook is het mogelijk interactief te communiceren met uw klanten middels deze pushberichten. Zo kunt u bij een tafelreservering direct de klant bevestigen of wanneer een klant een bestelling heeft gedaan, wanneer u ongeveer de bestelling komt bezorgen of dat uw keuken op dit moment is gesloten.


With this module it can be checked how many customers are making use of te app (daily, weekly, monthly), how often a company, an item or an offer is viewed but also what interaction has taken place (communication with your target audience). By comparing average rates of other restaurants it also gives a clear view whether the restaurant advertised effectively.


Steeds vaker gebruiken consumenten hun telefoon. Het moeten rondbellen over of een tafel vrij is, wordt als onprettig ervaren. Wanneer uw klant op de hoogte is dat de actuele tafelbezettingsgraad via de app opvraagbaar is zullen uw klanten hier vaker gebruik van maken. Om deze bezetting te actualiseren heeft u binnen 10 seconden uw bezettingsgraad bijgewerkt uiteraard met uw ‘papieren’ agenda ernaast.


With the app your guests can easily place an order. For example to order a pizza, rent a holiday home or bicycle and via the app they can even run errands. You can also match a percentage with a collaborative company so the company does not have to take any risk.

iDEAL payment solution

You can let guests pay off immediately via the app iDEAL payment solution. With the reservation module your guests can via the app arrange orders and reservations and with iDEAL they can pay off immediately. We facilitate this solution from beginning to end (request, registrations and adding to your app) and for this you only have to pay 150 euros once.


In our online environment where you can manage information in the app we have made a facility to load complete menu cards and product lists. This way the reservation module becomes even more interesting.


U kunt via facebook uw restaurant optimaal promoten middels posten van berichten, bestellen, menukaarten bekijken, tafels reserveren etc. Uw restaurant kan op deze manier extra likes krijgen en door alle gebruikers gedeeld worden.